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Meet The Team 


Founder/ Coach


Coach T


I have been dancing and running track since I can remember. I've always wanted a dance team but during the time wanting a team, I was a full time mom, student and collegiate track athlete. I knew that I wasn't capable to give my dancers my full undivided attention. I wanted until I graduated college and held my 1st tryout the summer of 2018. 

Since then we have been growing and progressing, collecting trophies along the way. Meeting & building relationships with the youth on and off the dance floor is a great feeling. I love mentoring as much as possible and being there to help and give advice. I grew up running for the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center Spartans  from the age of 6 to 18 & with those years with SSNC, the mentoring they gave inspired me to want to do the same and give back. 


 I am the coach of Issa Stampede Dance Team. I’ve been involved in the dance community for about six years now and I love and appreciate the art of dance. Through my years of coaching I’ve trained multiple dancers to be very successful as well as help them obtain scholarships all through the art of dance.


I appreciate the opportunity and I am honored to be a part of Issa Stampede Dance Team's future and being able to benefit with growth as well as success. 

Team Roster

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